Version 27.0 Release Notes – Released April 27, 2023

Punchlist Manager Version 27.0 – System Corrections
  • Added the ability to search for Points of Interest (Walmart, Costco, etc.) in the address entry field.
  • Resolved issues around job progress and list type when performing Save and Add Copy.
  • Updated list number range functionality on Site Detail page to limit duplicate list numbers
  • Resolved issues with address entry when street number is not included.
  • Resolved errors on WO/Site Performance dashboard

Version 26.0 Release Notes – Released March 30, 2023

Punchlist Manager Version 26.0 – New Features
  • Added ability to “Show Comments Box” and receive notifications when comments are added in the Homeowner Portal.
Punchlist Manager Version 26.0 – System Corrections
  • Saving a Job with a PO Box as the Primary Contact address on manual Home Entry screen will not result in an error during address validation.

Version 25.0 Release Notes – Released February 16, 2023

Punchlist Manager Version 25.0 – New Features
  • Added Feedback application where users can submit direct product feedback from within Restoration Manager.
Punchlist Manager Version 25.0 – System Corrections
  • Fixed clicking on Job ID on the To Do → Tasks page opens job in same window vs. new window/tab.
  • Fixed Vendor Other Schedule Event not showing upon save
  • Fixed Long Company Names overlapping other data on the List Summary, List Detail, Work Order, Work Order by Vendor, Service Requested, Preliminary Report, Job Activity and Field Inspection Reports.
  • Fixed Power User unable to Edit Email Templates when given appropriate permissions.
  • Fixed adding a new site adds a hyphen to the beginning of the Site name at Site Selection page during login.
  • Fixed clicking on System Setup from the menu results in X Error

Version 24.5 Release Notes – Released January 5, 2023

Punchlist Manager Version 24.5 – System Corrections
  • Image won’t load due to hidden character
  • X Error When Running Certain Memorized Reports
  • Incorrect date format on date/time stamps for merge documents
  • Send Work Order function unable to generate work order .PDF
  • 24.0 Regression – Printing Inspections not Working
  • Document Merge—document does not merge
  • Schedules displaying Sat 01/01 on Day, Week, and Timeline views
  • When transitioning the calendar from an old year to a new year the weekly day display is showing incorrectly
  • Increase Employee Signature Character Limit