Punchlist Manager 20.0 Overview

Version 20.0 Release Notes  – Released on July 22, 2021

Punchlist Manager Version 20.0 – New Features
  • Classifications within work order
    • When sending work order report, print setting classifications are “on default,” “on vendor,” and “on owner”
  • Work order report settings
    • Users can utilize work order report settings when sending “request for bid” emails
  • Action taken history
    • Administrators can lock “action taken history” box so it’s read only
  • New Custom Work Order
    • Users can create custom item reports and specific fields will appear based on selection
  • Change default sorting order
    • The view requests tab will sort by most recent date as default for all users
Punchlist Manager Version 20.0 – System Corrections
  • Broken Signature Line
    • Signature line on printed/emailed work order breaks to 2nd page
  • 25 Character limit
    • Job_JobId field being truncated to 25 characters yet the DB and the form field allow 100

Punchlist Manager 19.0 Overview

Version 19.0 Release Notes – Released on April 2, 2021

Punchlist Manager Version 19.0 – New Features
  • Grid Preferences
    • Add in capability to save in and switch between different grid preferences with a save settings button
  • New Save Settings
    • allow user to save settings as private or for users with a default private
  • Schedule Update
    • The Schedule has been updated to a new UI and now have enhanced functions for better flow.
  • Schedule Switch
    • there is now a way to switch between employee, job, vendor, production, and showing daily as default and can switch to week or month
  • Existing schedules
    • users can view existing schedules and change them, using the drag option to update times
  • Schedule work orders
    • users can schedule and create new work orders for a job
  • Employees and Vendor
    • users can assign a work order to multiple employees in addition to the vendor using a drop-down list
  • Phone Number Updates
    • Phone numbers have been formatted to be viewed as country code, formatted number, and extension.
  • Job Detail Page
    • Added site of job on job detail page
Punchlist Manager Version 19.0 – System Corrections
  • ‘Daily Schedule’ report shows lots of text overlapping
  • 19.0 – Time of appointment is not correct when creating or adding a schedule events
  • 18.x – Build Email page not sending email when bcc blank
  • Add Project on Additional Contacts not using Permission
  • Send WO Error when Vendor has apostrophe
  • Item Detail Report Export Error
  • Update JobQBIssuePicture for secret key authorization
  • Task Template – Projects are not displaying correctly
  • Extremely Slow upload on Item Picture Page
  • Emailing Document from Item Documents pulls in wrong job information
  • Item Detail report not e-mailing in proper format when scheduled as memorized report
  • Phone Numbers – missing country ID columns
  • WO is printing deactivated employee
  • List Management grid is displaying inactive employees
  • Top Ten Category Summary – Report issue
  • 19.0 – Grid View Preference – Export button disappears on custom views
  • 19 API doesn’t parse country code from mobile
  • New Lead not adding Date of Site visit DRYEFFECT