Version 17.0 – Released on October 4th, 2019

*This release requires that you clear your browser cache. Instructions can be found here.

Punchlist Manager version 17.0 video overview

UI Enhancements – List Management

  • List Management has been updated with a new User Interface Grid.
    • By Job ID and By Vendor are now tabs
    • Save Grid Preferences allows the user to save the current filter criteria
    • Grid can be expanded to add more rows and to open the rows
    • Select By options have been expanded to include Equals and Contains
    • Date options have been added
    • Export Grid to Excel option has been included
    • Update All has a modified User Interface – includes all List and Item fields
    • Link to Item Detail now contains full Item Detail screen as a pop-up window for editing and saving Item Details.

UI Enhancements – Item Detail

  • Item Detail has been updated with a new User Interface.
    • Function buttons have all been moved to the top of the tab pages
    • Schedule Subject and Details have been added on Item Detail to show in the Schedules.
    • Item Details can be collapsed
    • Item Detail page can also be accessed from List Management

New Features

  • PDF Optimization – added the capability to optimize PDF documents to reduce the size for emailing reports from the system.
  • Added APIs for Job Costs and Item Charges
  • Added capability to Download All Documents as a zip file

Enhanced Features 

  • Breadcrumbs now contain Job IDs
  • List Fields have been added to the Auto Task feature
  • Portal menus have been updated to be consistent with the main

Resolved – Bug Fixes

  • Cannot delete photos in Vendor Portal after checkbox is checked in pop up
  • List Type drop down shows deleted list types
  • Job Documents – Error with checked box ‘Show in Project Portal’
  • Item Detail data export pulling wrong staff member
  • Task Manager – Task color is not consistent
  • Make vendor info from Job Portal hover over a setting
  • Service Requested field overlapping with Billing section when printing Work Order
  • When uploading 6 pictures from the vendor portal only 2 upload to Item
  • Copying a Task Template does not transfer tasks because of ‘Name’ field
  • Misspelling in System Settings -> Settings
  • Approving vendor changes does not save information
  • Job ID terminology not updating
  • Formatting error in ‘Action Taken History’ when closing item
  • Contact data export returning incorrect data
  • Contact data export does not return filtered information
  • Unit field not displaying data in Company portal
  • SMS Text from Correspondence doesn’t work with all Sites
  • Vendor Portal saving is erroring when Full Name is too long
  • Blank pages when printing multiple work orders
  • Job Custom Export – Secondary Email field doesn’t populate
  • Text Notification does not populate “List Type” field
  • Inspection Report Not printing
  • Date formatting not displayed per settings on “Action Taken” entry items
  • Date formatting not consistent in Portals
  • Global Search “Job Contact Phone #” does not work
  • Filtered Job Browser not Exporting Grid Data to Excel properly



Version 16.0 was released on February 22, 2019

The biggest change in this version is the updates to the user interface, we have gone with a cleaner more modern look.  Also, all the buttons have been replaced with icons.
Note: If you are unsure on the function of the icon hover over it, a description will display describing the icon function.

UI Enhancements – Dashboard

  • The Home Page is the only page panels can be removed by simply clicking the X. 
    Note: There is no save once the X is selected the panel is removed. If panels are removed from the Home Page, the information will still be visible within its respective tab.
  • Task Panel – processing Portal Requests now you can select which requests you would like to process.
  • Other Dashboard Enhancements
    Panels load faster.
    – Slimmed down from multiple panels to one panel.
    – New graphs.
    – Larger text.
    – Cleaner data, easier to read.

Enhancements to the View Jobs Page, Companies Page, Contacts Page and the Sub/Tech Page

  • View Jobs Page
    – Added the ability to lock columns; columns to the left of the black line are locked
    – Additional filters are available within each column; select the three dots to display all the filter options.
    – Added the ability to Group by a Column.
    – Added the ability to Save Grid Preferences.
    – Added a new export; Export Grid to Excel.

Note: Previously you could click anywhere on the job row to be redirected to the Job Detail page now you have to select the Job Number to be redirected.
IMPORTANT: When re-directing to the View Jobs page from another level in Punchlist Manager such as the Dashboard your preferences are not saved. The View Jobs page preferences will only be displayed when selecting the View Jobs page directly by going to Jobs → View Jobs
Tip: Single click in the blank space to the top left of the grid you can use your left and right keys to navigate within the grid.

  • Companies Page, Company Contacts Page and the Sub/Tech Page have new grids the functionality within these pages is very similar to the View Jobs Page.

New Features 

  • Move to New Site – Move to New Site allows the user to move a Job to another Site.
    To enable this function the administrator will need to select the permission by going to Settings → System Setup → Employees → Permissions Tab, Jobs; Move to New Site

Enhanced Features 

  • Job Detail Page
    – All icons have been removed from the job tabs.
  • Schedule
    – Added the Quality Process block back to the schedule.
  • Reports
    – Hot Sheet2 (Reports → Work Order → Hot Sheet 2). We added the ability to select your Progress preference. Suspended Until and Notes or Work order Progress.
    – Work Order Detail (Reports → Work Order → Work Order Detail). Added Data Export.
    – Project Report Filter – All Reports that contain Project as a filter instead of having to scroll now you can search and select multiple Projects to report off.
  • Job Portal
    – Documents now displays the number of Documents/Pictures are view able to the customer.
    – The Subcontractors contact information now displays when hovering over the Subcontractor assigned to a Work Order within the View Requests tab.
  • Company Portal
    – Job Status (Active or Inactive) and Job Name have been added to Jobs Grid.
  • Subcontractor Portal
    – Subcontractors now have the ability to attach Pictures or Documents to the Work Order. All attachments will be part of the Work Order and the Job.
    – Added a Profile tab so the Subcontractor can update their contact information.

Resolved – Bug Fixes

  • Performance Issues
  • Black X error when Printing Employees
  • Correspondence Detail Report not working when filtered by the Job ID
  • Editing a Work Order from the Schedule not working correctly
  • Email Template displaying List Level employees instead of Job
  • The Print Detail Report is not working on View Jobs Page
  • Save & Add Copy not copying Bldg/Unit
  • Schedule selecting back button displays the Job ID instead of the Address
  • Subject of the Work Order created through the Schedule is not saved
  • Unable to Email or print a PO in Edge when ordering Consumables
  • Sub/Tech Acceptance button spanning multiple lines when Terminology is changed
  • Job Portal not showing count of submitted jobs
  • Updating selected items form the List Management page is updating all items
  • Quality Process Exceptions Report is not grouping by Category
  • Quality Process Report not printing multiple issues per Stage