Version 15.0 was released on August 25, 2018

New Features:

  • Consumable Tracking – Added the ability to track Consumables quantities on hand, usage, inventory count adjustments, and Purchase Orders (P.O.), re-order level and receive quantities.
  • Dashboards – Added two (2) new dashboards
    – List Performance Analytics
    – Task Performance Analytics
    Note: The Admin can select whether these panels are available to the employee by going to Help/Tools→ Tools→ System Setup→ Employees, Permissions Tab – Manager’s Dashboard
  • Item Performance Dashboard – Added Staff 2 as a display option.
  • Contacts Page – Last Search is now saved on the Page.
  • Employee Permissions: Tools→ System Setup→ Employees, Permissions Tab
    – Request Completed Task Notification
    – Adjustment
    – Issue P.O.
    – Receive P.O.
    – Set Trigger
    – Transfer Stock
    – Void P.O.
  • Employee Settings: Tools→ Employee Settings
    – Create Employee Email Signature for Emails
  • Employee Certificates:
    – Certification Types – Add the ability to setup certification types. Tools→ System Setup→ Other Settings, Certification Types
    – Certifications – Added the ability to apply employee certifications. Tools→ System Setup→ Employees
    – Employee Certifications Report – Reports→ Other→ Employee Certifications
  • Quality Process/Inspection Reports:
    – Residential Inspection Report
    – Data Point Inspections

Enhanced Features:

  • List Management Page – Allows up to 2,500 items in the list view.
  • Job Lists – Added the ability to hover over the Service Requested field when the items are expanded within the List Page on the Job.
  • Email Templates – Added Warranty Mechanical Date as a new merge field.
  • Work Orders – When the work order has been scheduled (Start & End date/time) and the Send WO button has been selected the email now includes the appointment .ics file.
  • Task Notification emails now include more details.
  • Scheduled Reports – Now all reports have the option to be automatically generated and emailed out on a set basis.
    Reminder: The report must be memorized before the schedule can be applied.
  • Correspondence Email Subject Line – When emailing from Correspondence and a template hasn’t been selected the subject line of the email defaults to the Job ID, Job Name. i.e. 10-001-1245, Mary Jones
  • Reports:
    – Service Summary Report – Added the ability to run the report off Warranty Dates verses the Work Order Open/Closed Dates.
    – Purchase Order Report – Adjustments
    – Job Custom Export – Added Determination
    – Inspection Exceptions Report – Increased the size of the images.
  • Tasks:
    – Added date filter when reporting off Completed Tasks. To Do → Tasks → Select By: Completed
    – Added the ability when a new Task is created to check a box; Email when task is completed you can also cc two (2) other employees to be included on the Task Completion Notification.
  • Tasks – Added date filter when reporting off Completed Tasks. To Do → Tasks → Select By: Completed
  • Tools – Update Staff on Job – Added all Staff Descriptions as an option to update the Employee assignment
  • Work Orders – Enhanced the fields that can be selected to be displayed on Work Orders sent to a Vendor or Homeowner. Tools→ Site Setup→ Reporting, Work Order Report Settings (customize fields)
  • Job Portal – Admin Setup: Tools→ Site Setup→ Job Portal
    – Show Emergency/After Hours in Portal
    – Portal Theme Selection
    – Portal Menu
  • Job Portal – moved the Submit Request button and Change Status.
  • Job, Vendor and Project Portals – Added the ability to upload more than one file at a time.

Resolved – Bug Fixes:

  • Photo Report – Job Notes were not displaying.
  • List Link was missing on the Schedule
  • Terminology has been fixed in several areas
  • Several Report formatting issues

Version 14.0 was released on May 5, 2018

New FeatureText Templates:
We added a new Text Template feature which enables the ability to select the template when sending a text.
Note: The administrator can setup the Text Templates by going to Tools→ Site Setup→ Text Templates.

Example of the Text Template sent

New FeatureText Notifications:
We added the ability to send a text as a Notification, now you can choose to send an Email Notification, Text Message Notification or both.
Note: The administrator can setup Text Notifications by going to Tools→ Site Setup→ Notifications – Radio Button, Text Message.
Important: The contact selected to receive the text will need to have the SMS/Text number applied to their contact and/or employee record.

New FeatureTask Reassignment Tool:
We added the ability to mass reassign Tasks from one employee to another. The Reassignment Tool can be located by going to Tools→ Reassign Home (Job) Tasks.

New FeatureTask Template Assignment Tool:
We added the ability to mass assign Task Templates to Homes (Jobs). The Task Assignment Tool can be located by going to Tools→ Assign Task Templates to All Homes (Jobs).

New FeatureEmployee Permissions – Change Status & Report Printing:
We added two new Employee Permissions Change Status (Active/Inactive) and Report Printing.
Note: The administrator can enable these new employee permissions by going to Tools → System Setup → Employee Record→ Permissions Tab.

Change Status: If this permission is selected the employee will be able to change the Status of the record from Active to Inactive or vice versa.

Report Printing: If this permission is selected the employee will be able to print reports available at the bottom of these pages.

EnhancementItem Summary Report:
Added Job (Home) ID and Job (Home) Name to the Item Summary Report.
Reports → List → Item Summary

EnhancementText Features:

  • When applying a SMS/Text number the SMS address is no longer needed now you only need to apply the phone number.
    Note: After the SMS/Text number is applied and saved the Text Now button will no longer be greyed out if it is a valid number.
  • Employee record now includes the SMS/Text field.
  • The text character limitation has been increased from 165 characters to 320.

EnhancementJob – Community Link:
Added an image link next to the Community field on the Job Detail page. By selecting the image the page will redirect to the Community Detail page.

EnhancementCalendar Features:

  • Added a Save Settings button to the Employee, Job (Home), and Vendor Calendar. This new function gives the ability for the end user to select their preferred configuration for that Calendar so when they navigate back to that schedule it is consistent.
  • Enhanced the details that display on the scheduled calendar event.
  • Added the ability to add a Work Order from a Calendar Event, by double clicking on the Event.

EnhancementReminders Page:
Added the ability to select Staff 2 as an option to send an Email/Text to.

Added the ability select a Text Template.

EnhancementVendor Acceptance:
Modified the Vendor Acceptance to now display a Respond button in the email that is sent. The Respond button opens a web page that now displays the Accept and Reject buttons.


Duplicate Items (Work Orders) created when the conflict message displayed and OK was selected. This has been resolved.

ResolvedSend Correspondence Page – Document Attachment:
The document attachment description is missing from the display within the send Correspondence page. This has been resolved.

ResolvedScheduled Reports:
Scheduled Reports not saving the correct parameters. This has been resolved.

ResolvedProject Portal:
Documents, Pictures and Correspondence were not displaying when the Show in Project Portal was selected. This has been resolved.

ResolvedEmployee Record:
Updated By Logon ID wasn’t stamping, when the record was added or adjusted. This has been resolved.

ResolvedReset Password:
Reset Password link not working when a there is a special character in the name. This has been resolved.

ResolvedCalendar Export:
The .ics calendar export is not respecting time zones. This has been resolved.

ResolvedWork Order – Logo:
Work Order Logos not displaying. This has been resolved.

ResolvedIntuitive Mobile:
Deleted Sub Categories were displaying. This has been resolved.

ResolvedMobile Manager:
Duplicate issue pictures in QPIssuePictures and LineItem_Pictures. This has been resolved.

Version 13.0 was released on January 26, 2018

New Feature – Change Log:
A new tab has been added to the Job Detail called ‘Change Log’. This tracks any changes made on the Job Detail page and Job Snapshot ONLY.

New FeatureScheduled Memorized Reports:
Users now have the ability to schedule memorized reports to be automatically generated and emailed out to them on a set basis. To schedule a memorized report, go to Reports → Memorized → Memorized Reports.
Important Steps:
1. The report must be memorized first before it can be scheduled to be emailed.
2. Go to Reports → Memorized → Memorized Reports
3. Select the Report you would like to schedule

Currently only the following reports will work with the new scheduled feature.

  • Job → Job Custom Export
  • Job → Job Summary
  • Item → Item Detail
  • Item → Item Overdue
  • Item → Hot Sheet 3
  • Item → Hot Sheet 5
  • List → List Summary
  • Vendor → Vendor Summary
  • Vendor → Vendor Aging

New FeatureVendor Distance Mapping:
The new Vendor Distance Mapping feature will allow you to select the Vendor that is closest to the job where work needs to be performed.
Important: If you would like to begin using the Vendor Distance Mapping feature there is a $25.00 monthly fee. Please contact your account manager/sales representative to activate and start using the Vendor Distance Mapping today! Turning this feature on will also activate the Job – Map Me functionality.
Note: Even once this feature is turned on Lat/Long must be applied to your existing Vendor records this can be completed by going to the record and clicking save.  Lat/Longs will be applied automatically to any new Vendor record that is added into Punchlist Manager.

Item Detail Page – Vendor Mapping button

Selecting the Vendor Mapping button will open a dialog box that will display the Vendors that are closest to the job.  You can increase and/or decrease the distance along with further narrowing your search using one of the other search filters; Name, Type, Distance from Job (MI), Notes, City, State and Status. You will also have the ability to make a Vendor selection from this page and Assign them to the Work Order.  Otherwise click the Map Me button to proceed to the Map.

Selecting the Map Me button will open the Map Page.  The black house is the job where the work is being performed and the green stars is the location of the Vendors.  Single click one of the stars to display the Vendor information.  You can also click the red Assign button to assign the Vendor to the Work Order.

New FeatureDocument Types:
Document Type this forces all documents that are uploaded to have a consistent title. The title would be selected from a pull down menu.
Note:  The administrator can turn this feature on by going to Tools→ System Setup→ Settings; Other Options, Enable Document Types.  Once the feature is turned another admin Setting will display in Settings; Other Settings, Document Types within this table is where the Document Titles will be applied.
Enable Document Types

Example: Job Document Upload – Title now has a pull down menu to select from.

Note: If this setting is turned on and Document Templates are being used the admin will need to apply the Template Title to each document.

New FeatureWO Reminder:
We added the ability to auto send work order email reminders to the following individuals assigned to the Work Order Staff, Supervisor, Vendor, Primary Owner or the Secondary Owner.
Note: The administrator can setup the WO Reminder up by going to Tools→ System Setup→ Reminders.

Example of the Email Reminder sent

New FeatureItem Detail Page – Review Repairs Tab:
We added a new Admin Setting when turned on a new Review Repairs Tab will be displayed within the Item Detail page.  This will allow someone to add review notes when the Vendor has stated the work has been completed. Also within the new Review Repairs tab a Task can also be created from this tab.
Note: The administrator can turn this feature on by going to Tools→ System Setup→ Settings; Other Options.
Show WO Review?

New FeatureList – Folder Structure:
We added a new Admin Setting to auto create Job Document folders for Lists. Each time a new List is added it will add a Sub Document folder with the List number. 
Note: The administrator can turn this feature on by going to Tools→ System Setup→ Settings; System Default Document Folders.
Auto Create Folder Structure For Each New List Added

New FeatureItem – Issue Grouping:
When an Inspection/Quality Process is completed you can choose whether you would like the issues to be created as Individual Items or Grouping.

Sample of the Item with issues grouped


Sample of the Item printed with the issues grouped
New FeatureData Exports – Admin Setting:
We added a new Admin Setting regarding the format of Data Exports exporting in .xlsx or .csv format.
Note: To select your preferred format the administrator can complete this by going to Tools→ System Setup→ Settings; Other Options.
Data Export Format: Excel Workbook (*.xlsx) or Comma Seperated (*.csv)
By default this setting will be set to .xlsx

New FeatureClaim (List) Exceeds Time Period  – Admin Setting:
We added a new Admin Setting that will display Lists that have exceeded in X month time period.
Note: The administrator can turn this feature on by going to Tools→ System Setup→ Settings; Other Options.
Claims (Lists) Exceed Time Period: The number of Claims (Lists) _ has exceeded _ month period time

Example of the pop-up message that will display

New FeatureAuto Close Claims (Lists) – Admin Setting:
We added a new Admin Setting that auto closes Claims (Lists) older than X amount of days.
Note: The administrator can turn this feature on by going to Tools→ System Setup→ Settings; Other Options.  This setting looks at the List date not the Item date.  Also if this setting is turned on it is retro active and will automatically close Lists and Items per the number of days that have been applied.
Auto Close Claims (Losses) older than _ days

New FeatureAdditional Job Contacts – Admin Setting:
We added a new Admin Setting that allows additional Job Contacts to be applied to the Job.
Note: The administrator can turn this feature on by going to Tools→ System Setup→ Settings; Other Options.
Show Job Additional Contacts

EnhancementSite Notifications:
When setting up Notifications for a specific Site and you would like the notifications settings to be applied to your other Sites you now have the ability to click a box – apply to all Sites. Previously you would have to log into each Site to setup the Notifications.

EnhancementTasks – URL Link:
Added a URL link to Tasks
Note:  When clicking the Go to URL button it opens in the same tab.

Quick Email now includes the URL Link

New URL Link displays in the Task page, Job Task Tab, Vendor Task Tab and Project Task Tab.

EnhancementList Summary Report:
Added the Repair Start and End Times to the List Summary Report.
Reports→ List→  List Summary

EnhancementItem Summary Report:
Added Job ID and Job Name as a Report Subtotal Option.  Now when whatever field you select to subtotal the report off of that field will display first after the report is generated.
Reports→ List→  Item Summary

In the example below Job ID was selected as the Report Subtotal option

Modifications were also made to the Item Summary Export – added Job Name, Job ID and Lot #

EnhancementInspection/Quality Process Template Setting:
When setting up a new Inspection/Quality Process you can now select if you would like issues created upon completing the Inspection/Quality Process.  If Don’t Create on Completion is selected no List or Items will be created just the Inspection reports.

EnhancementInspection Notification:
The Inspection Notification email now includes more information along with attaching a .ics  appointment in the notification
Note: The administrator can turn this feature on by going to Tools→ System Setup→ Notifications.
Include .ics appointment in notification
Important: If the include .ics appointment in notification is selected you must apply a default inspection start time and duration.

Sample of the Notification

EnhancementGoogle Address – Zip Code:
An enhancement has been added to the Google Address search that allows a user to enter the Zip Code when they start adding the address, it will first limit the results returned to that zip code vs searching based on the users location.

EnhancementDocument and Pictures – Special Character #:
We made an enhancement to allow the ‘#’ in a file name on Documents and Pictures. Previously, if a file was sent in via email sync that had a # in it, the file would not open.

EnhancementSend WO Button:
Send WO button will now Save and Send the Work Order.  Previously, if  the Send WO button was selected it would not send until the Work Order was saved.
ResolvedJob Custom Export:
Reports→ Job→ Job Custom Export
Project was appearing as a blank field in the Job Custom Export. This has been resolved.

ResolvedJob Detail Report:
Reports→ Job→ Job Detail
The Job Detail Report was generating a 100 page report, when one address was selected within the report criteria page. This has been resolved.

ResolvedDuplicate Items:
Duplicate Items were being created when Save & Print was selected. This has been resolved.

ResolvedVendor Portal – FAQ’s:
Vendor Portal FAQ’s section wasn’t working. This has been resolved.

ResolvedCalendar Schedule Error:
If an appointment is scheduled with the end time before the start time it breaks the calendar view. This has been resolved.

ResolvedTQI Report – Pictures Issues:
The TQI report was duplicating pictures. This has been resolved.

ResolvedItem Documents – Error:
When selecting the Documents tab in a Item an error would be received if Save wasn’t selected on the Item. This has been resolved.

ResolvedJob Documents & Pictures – Changed By Field:
The Changed By field in the Job Documents & Pictures tab wasn’t populating correctly. This has been resolved.

ResolvedEmail Template Merge Field:
Email Template – List Determination wasn’t merging. This has been resolved.

ResolvedTask Templates:

  • Task Templates not respecting Site (Office) selection.
  • Task Title wasn’t validating when as required when a new Task is added.
  • Task Templates wouldn’t save if the Description text was over 250 characters.

These issues have been resolved.

Version 12.0 was released on August 25, 2017

New FeatureNew – Purchase Order Report:
We added the ability to generate a Purchase Order Report
Note: The report format is data export only.

Reports→ Work Order→ Purchase Order

Sample Purchase Order Export

New Feature – New Notification:
Added a new notification auto send notifications on quality process assignment.  If this setting is turned a notification will be sent to the assignee upon assignment of the quality process inspection.
Note: The administrator can turn the notification on by going to Tools→ System Setup→ Notifications

Admin Setting

New FeatureQuality Process – Inspection Number:
Added the ability to apply an Inspection Number when scheduling a Quality Process.

New FeatureWeb API’s:
Web API’s provides the ability to access data fields that are available to generate custom reports, etc.
Note: Your IT department (person or company) will need to be setup as an employee with a username and password to have access to our API’s.

EnhancementItem Detail Page – Email button and the Job – Documents & Pics Tab:
When selecting the Email button from the Item Detail page the email now stores in Correspondence on the job.  Also when selecting a document from the Document & Pics tab and emailing the document it now stores in the Correspondence on the job.


EnhancementItem Detail Page – Send Work Order:
Implemented better erroring for users when trying to send a Work Order to a Vendor or Job Contact when the email address is formatted incorrectly.

Enhancement – Audio Files (Job→ Documents & Pics tab):
We added the ability for audio file formats to play and run in the browser. (mp3 (audio), mp4 (video) are recommended as they are supported by all browsers. Other Types: Audio – wav, aac, m4a, oga and Video – webm, ogg, ogv, ogx).

Clicking on the View/Movie icon the video will run in the browser.

Enhancement – Document Merge – New Message (Job→ Document Merge tab):
The following new message will display “Standby – we are merging your documents…” when your documents are merging.

EnhancementMerge Documents – Warranty Dates:
Adjusted the Job Warranty Dates to show as only date and not DATETIME when used in merge documents.

EnhancementSMS (text) bubble addresses:
We added SMS address information for Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

EnhancementAcceptance Message (Vendor Acceptance and Job Contact Acceptance):
We separated out the message that can be setup for the Job and Vendor acceptance.
Note: The administrator can setup the acceptance message by going to Tools→ System Setup→ Settings→Work Order Report Settings

EnhancementHot Sheet5 Report:
We added the Review and Repair scheduled Date/Times to the report.

Reports→ Work Order→ Hot Sheet5

Sample Hot Sheet5 Report

Enhancement – Correspondence Summary and Correspondence Detail Reports:
Added the ability to export the report to excel.
Reports→ Other→ Correspondence Summary and/or Correspondence Detail

EnhancementJob Portal – Correspondence:
After a correspondence is emailed from the job portal, the page now shows a green success notification and the page is cleared.

EnhancementQuality Process – On Hold:
When a Quality process is placed On Hold the “Reassignment Reason” is now being included within the body of the email notification.

EnhancementQuality Process Summary2 Report:
The Quality Process Summary2 Report now displays the Score and Use Type.

Reports→ Quality Process→ Quality Process Summary2

EnhancementQuality Process Summary and Quality Process Summary2 Reports:
Added the ability to export the reports to excel.

Reports→ Quality Process→ Quality Process Summary
Reports→ Quality Process→ Quality Process Summary2

ResolvedSystem Information page – Name/Date/Time Stamp:
Name/Date/Time Stamp wasn’t working properly within the System Information page. This has been resolved.

ResolvedPurchase Order – Notes box:
The Purchase Order Notes box was cutting off the text. This has been resolved.

ResolvedBread Crumbs:
When uploading Documents within the Item Detail page the Documents were not displaying in Bread Crumbs. This has been resolved.

ResolvedTerminology – Item Area:
When Item Area was changed in terminology the change was not being respected. This has been resolved.

ResolvedJob Documents & Pics – Title:
When uploading a document to Job Documents & Pics the Title was duplicating upon saving. This has been resolved.

ResolvedItem Detail Page – Send WO button:
When a new Work Order is created and the “Send WO” button is pressed it was not saving the Work Order properly. This has been resolved.

ResolvedList Management Page:
Within the List Management page all the signed off saved searched were not working correctly. This has been resolved.

ResolvedItem Quick Add Page:
The Save buttons within the Item Quick Add Page didn’t match the other Save buttons.  The Save button within this page have been updated.

ResolvedPrint Inspection Report – Signature:
 When the staff signs the TQI Inspection from Mobile Manager the signature wasn’t displaying on Print Inspection Report in .NET.  This has been resolved.

ResolvedWork Orders Overdue Report – Data Export:
When exporting the data for the Work Orders Overdue Report the Determination field wasn’t part of the export. This has been resolved.

ResolvedVendor Portal – Wrapping Issue:
When using the Vendor Portal on mobile devices there was a wrapping issue.  This has been resolved.

ResolvedJob Portal – Address:
The complete Company address was not displaying within the Contact Us Tab. This has been resolved.

ResolvedJob Portal – Employee Profile:
When the Admin setup the Job Portal and selects an Employee Profile to be displayed this was not being respected within the Contact Us Tab. This has been resolved.

ResolvedQuality Process – Checklist Report:
Within the Checklist Report the page with pictures was not displaying. This has been resolved.

ResolvedJob Portal – Correspondence:
The details of the Correspondence wasn’t displaying. This has been resolved.

ResolvedInspections Report – Pictures:
Inspection Report was pulling pictures from previous Inspections. This has been resolved.

ResolvedInspections – Emailing:
When trying to email an inspection that is larger than 10485760 bytes, the cursor continues to spin indefinitely and doesn’t send or give error message.  This has been resolved.


Version 11.3 was released on June 23, 2017

EnhancementJob Costs – Reports:
We added another export option; Print Excel to the Job Cost Summary, Job Cost Detail by Cost Type, Estimate Summary and the Budget by Cost Type Reports. The Print Excel option exports with the Report Header and Footer. This feature was added to the Job Cost Detail by Cost Code and Budget by Cost Code reports in Version 11.1.

ResolvedUser Permissions:Employees with the User permissions were able to view all jobs similar to a Power User. This has been resolved.

Version 11.1 was released on June 10, 2017

Enhancement – Action Taken – Scheduled Items Auto-stamp name/date/time:
In our 11.0 release we added a new functionally to automatically apply scheduling changes within Action Taken on an Item.  We have enhanced this feature by adding setting to turn this functionality on. The administrator can turn this feature on by going to Tools→ System Setup→ Settings→ Other Options
Note:  If you enter the review/repair dates within the list section in the list management page to update multiple items at once, the Auto-stamp name/date/time will not stamp.  

Admin Setting


A sample of Action Taken Notes when the feature is turned on.

EnhancementRequest for Bid – Awarded Email:
We have added the ability for a custom email to be sent when the Vendor has been awarded the work.
Note: The administrator can set this up by going to Tools→ System Setup→ Settings→ Other Options
Admin Setting

Sample of Awarded Email Sent

A sample of Default Canceled Bid Email Sent to the Vendors that were not awarded the work.

Enhancement – SMS (text) bubble addresses:
We added an additional SMS address for Verizon, hover over the SMS bubble to display the most common SMS addresses.

Resolved – Job Documents & Pics – Item Attachment Folder:
The Item Attachment folder located in the Job Document s & Pics tab can no longer be moved or edited by a user once it has been created in the Item Document tab.

A sample of the message that will display to the bottom right of your page.


Resolved – Item – Area Field:
When the employee setting for Require Area is selected or not selected. Both the List Management and Item Detail Page will now follow the setting consistently. Previously this was only being respected in the Item Detail Page not the List Management page.

Resolved – PO Report – Approver Signature:
The PO Report was not displaying the Approver Signature when multiple signatures are there. Now it will only display the final signature (greatest approver) in the PO.

Resolved – List/Item Summary Dashboard Panel – Not Sent: 
Not Sent was not properly reflecting the number of Items when selecting the Not Sent hyperlink and being redirected to the List Management page, this has been resolved.

Version 11.0 was released on May 26, 2017

New FeatureAbility to SMS (text) from the Job, Vendor and Project records:
We have added the ability to send an SMS text to a Job, Vendor and Project Contact directly from the system.  This does require the person to know who their cell phone carrier is as it is entered like an email address.  Example:
Note: If the recipient of the text texts back it will be received in your email inbox.








Hover over the SMS bubble to display the most common SMS addresses.






Under Correspondence, there is a new Text Contact drop down menu. Select the recipient you would like to text then apply your message in the Send SMS pop-up, click the green Send button.








All sent Texts are stored as Correspondence with a Type called Text.


New Feature– Hide specific information when sending Items:
We added the ability to hide specific information when sending an Item to the assigned Vendor or to the Job Contact.
Note: The administrator can select what information they would like displayed on the Item by going to Tools→ Site Setup→ Reporting

New Feature – Accept and Reject buttons added to the email body for sent Items:
We added the ability to display an Accept or Reject button within the body of the email for sent Items.
Note: The administrator can set this up by going to Tools→ System Setup→ Settings → Work Order Report Settings

Admin Setting

Sent Item Accept and Reject buttons

New FeatureNew Documents Tab added to the Item Detail page:
Added the ability to attach Documents such as Scopes, Selections, etc. to the Item before it is sent.

When uploading Documents to an Item a Folder is automatically created with the Item number.

Item sent uploaded Document attached.

New Feature – Schedule Items from the Job or Vendor Schedule: 
Added the ability to schedule a non-scheduled Item from the Job or Vendor Schedule.

Within the schedule double click in the block of time you would like to schedule the Vendor for. The following Event Detail pop-up will display, if more than one Item displays to schedule for the Vendor single click the row you would like to schedule then click the Save button.

New Feature – Request for Bid – canceled Email:
We have added the ability for a custom email to be sent when the Vendor receives the canceled Request for Bid.
Note: The administrator can set this up by going to Tools→ System Setup→ Settings→ Other Options

Admin Setting


Sample of Canceled Request for Bid Sent


New FeatureQuality Process – New Dashboard Panels:
We added three Quality Process Dashboard panels. Quality Processes – By Job, Quality Processes – By Inspector and Quality Processes – By Community.
Note: If the panels are not displaying on your Dashboard please look at your Dashboard settings or reach out to your trainer for further assistance.

New Feature – Quality Process – Dashboard Panel Setting:
We added a new setting to select if you would like to display Pending Quality Processes or Scheduled and Unscheduled Quality Processes.
Note: The administrator can set this up by going to Tools→ System Setup→ Settings→ Dashboard Options

Admin Setting

New Feature – Implemented Google API to auto-fill form addresses:
This feature uses Google to search for addresses and auto populate the information for the user.  This change has been added to all fields where an address would be added, including New Lead Entry form, Company, Company Contact and others.  The user simply starts typing the address and it pulls up addresses for you.

New FeatureSecure Site now https:
All sites are now secure using https vs http



New FeatureVendor Portal – Print Group of Work Orders from a grid:
We added the ability to select multiple Work Orders from the grid to be printed. Within the Work Orders tab. Check all the Work Orders you would like to print in the Print Selected column. Once all the Work Orders have been selected click the Print button.

New Feature – New – Quality Process Graph Reports:

We have added three new Quality Process Graph Reports.

  • Quality Process → Quality Process Average Monthly Score Graph
  • Quality Process → Quality Process Average Quarterly Score
  • Quality Process → Quality Process Average Overall Monthly Score Graph

Sample Report

New Feature – New Release Splash Screen:
Going forward on all new releases, a Splash Screen will appear on your first login after a release has been made this will provide you with some quick highlights.  After OK is selected, the screen disappears and will not appear again until another new release comes out.

EnhancementItem Notification:
The Item Notification is now including the attached Item when the Vendor or Item Schedule has changed.
Note: The admin can set the Notification up by going to Tools→ System Setup→ Notifications

EnhancementItem Action Taken – Scheduled Items:
Scheduled Items now record in the Action Taken tab of an Item.


EnhancementVendor Selection on an Item:
When selecting a Vendor to schedule to an Item it is now all Vendors load to select from the menu. Previously you had to click the Vendor button for the Vendors to load and select.

Enhancement Job – Vendor tab PO details display:
At the Job level within the Vendor tab we are now displaying the amount of the PO and a link to the PO details.

EnhancementMerge Fields – Email Templates & Document Merge:
The following merge fields have been added to Email Templates and Document Merge.

  • Staff2
  • Job Custom Fields 7 -20

EnhancementEmployee Schedule – Combined:
When viewing Employee Schedules and the Combined button has been selected.  When you click on the Employees name (blue button at the bottom of the calendar) their scheduled appointments will highlight with grey borders.

EnhancementVendor Directory Report:
Added the Vendors email address to the Vendor Directory Report.
Reports→ Vendor→ Vendor Directory

EnhancementInspection Browser:
Two new columns have been added to the Inspection Browser; Last Reviewed By and Last Reviewed.

EnhancementJob Portal – Edit Contacts:
Your homeowner now has the ability to edit their contact information from the Job portal.

EnhancementVendor Portal – Address Search:
We added the ability to search for the address within the Work Orders tab.

EnhancementVendor Portal – Aging Report:
We added the ability to select the List Type and Project from the Vendor Aging Report.

ResolvedWork Order – Cancel button:
When selecting the Cancel button within a Work Order it would disable all the other buttons. This has been resolved.

ResolvedJob Schedule Calendar:
When clicking the view schedule button from the job the calendar was not fully populating.  This has been resolved.

ResolvedTask Summary Report – Export to Excel: 
Now displays all information vs. cutting it off at 40 characters.

Resolved – Tasks:
When using the Quick Complete button it would remove all other resolutions. This has been resolved.

ResolvedJob Portal – View Requests:
Terminology was not being respected with in the View Requests tab on the Job Portal. This has been resolved.

ResolvedJob Portal – Correspondence:
The details of the Correspondence wasn’t displaying. This has been resolved.

ResolvedVendor Portal – Work Order Images:
Work Order Images were not displaying. This has been resolved.

ResolvedVendor Portal – Purchase Orders:
When there are more than 50 PO’s you could only see the first 50, even when selecting the second page.  Also you were not able to search for the PO. These issues have been resolved.

Version 10.0 was released on February 3, 2017

New FeatureVendor Calendar:
Now you can move a scheduled appointment from one Vendor to another Vendor by dragging and dropping the appointment.
To Do→ Schedule→ Vendor

New Feature Global Search – Job Common Fields:
Added the ability to search for Job Common Fields from the global search tool.

The search will query the following fields:

  • Primary Contact (Name, Phone, Email)
  • Secondary Contact (Name, Phone, Email)
  • Billing Contact (Name, Phone, Email)
  • Job Address
  • Job Name
  • Job ID
  • Project
  • List Type

New FeatureVendor Portal – PO Acceptance:
Added acceptance to the Vendor Portal for the PO approval process.

New FeatureNew Notifications:
New notifications sent to the Vendor when the assigned Vendor changes or the scheduled date/time.
Note: The administrator can turn the notification on by going to Tools→ System Setup→ Notifications

Notification Sample

New FeatureQuality Process – Copy Details:
Added a new Copy From button that allows the ability to copy the details from previous stages.

New FeatureProject – Export Detail to Excel:
Added the ability to Export Detail to Excel located at the bottom of the Project Page.

Export Sample


EnhancementItem Request for Bid:
The following modifications were added; Award Vendor button,  after the Vendor is awarded the work the Actual amount is applied within the Charges tab automatically, also added a Canceled column to display which Vendor the Bid was not awarded to.

EnhancementQuality Process Summary2 Report:
Added the ability to show unscheduled pending walks.
Report→ Quality Process→ Quality Process Summary2

EnhancementJob Custom Export:
Added Site as a new field to select from.
Reports→ Jobs→ Job Custom Export

Enhancement Item – Pictures Tab:
Now displaying which file types can be uploaded within the Item Pictures tab – .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .tif, .tiff, .bmp

ResolvedItem – Quick Add:
Fixed the tabbing order within the Item – Quick Add page.

Some terminology changes were not respected with the Site Settings page or within the Vendor Portal. This has been resolved.

ResolvedItem Detail Page:
Save Buttons on a Item will now lock when Sending WO.  This is to prevent an issue where users were adding data then saving during the Send WO process. They would then report the data was not included on the WO.

ResolvedError – System Settings:
An occasional Error was received when navigating to System Settings.  This has been resolved.

ResolvedHomeowner Portal:
When the Homeowner Portal is viewed on a mobile device some buttons were overlapping within the Submit page. This has been resolved.

ResolvedEmployee Permission – Document Delete:
The following employee permission Document Delete checkbox was not respected.  This has been resolved.

ResolvedExporting to Outlook:
When Exporting a scheduled appointment from .NET to Outlook the Time Zone was not respected. This has been resolved.

ResolvedItem Page – Save & Add Copy:
When using the Save & Add Copy button within the Item page it was not displaying the asterisk  * within the pictures tab even though their was a picture.  This has been resolved.

ResolvedHomeowner Portal – Error:
Error was displaying when logging into the Homeowner Portal. This has been resolved.

Version 9.1 was released on December 16, 2016

ResolvedList Type – Adding New:
An error was being displayed when trying to add a new List Type, this has been resolved.

ResolvedProject Portal:
Opening a job within the Project Portal was causing an error to display, this has been resolved.

ResolvedQuality Process – Report:
Quality Process issue pictures were not displaying on the report, this has been resolved.

ResolvedJob – Quality Process:
When a new Quality Process is added to a Job the following button description was changed from Open in Intuitive Mobile to Perform Quality Process.

ResolvedIntuitive Inspections:
Unable to complete a full sync on Intuitive Inspection when the Line Items or Stages exceed 100k items. This has been resolved.

Version 9.0 was released on December 02, 2016

New FeatureExport scheduled appointments:
Added the ability to export an appointment to your calendar application such as Outlook, Google, etc. Go the Schedule (To Do→ Schedule→ Employee, Job or Vendor) or click the View Schedule button within the Item Detail page, double click the appointment to open, click the export button to complete the process.
Note: The appointment saves into the calendar application of the person logged into the application.  If you would like the appointment to appear in another individual’s calendar please forward the appointment or select invite attendees if that is an option.  


New FeatureNew Report – Hot Sheet5:
Reports→ Work Orders→ Hot Sheet5


New FeatureJob – Quality Process Assignment:
When a new Quality Process is added to a Job the following new features have been added. Inspection Type, Additional Inspectors (Secondary), Ready Date, Assignment Aging, Priority, Reassignment Reason, On Hold, New Statuses (On Hold, Canceled), Open in Intuitive Mobile button and a stamp that displays when the Inspection record was last modified.


  • Quality Process Type(s): The Inspection Type(s) can be added by the administrator of the application by going to Tools→ System Setup→ Settings→ Quality Process Settings, Quality Process Types.
  • Additional QP Rep: Select from the list of QP Reps this would be a secondary QP Rep added to the Quality Process.
  • Ready Date: The date the Quality Process was added to the Job.
  • Assignment Aging: The number of days since the Quality Process was applied to the Job.
  • Priority drop down menu: 1 – None, 2 – Low, 3 – Medium, 4 – High and 5 – Critical
  • Reassignment Reason: Apply the reason the Quality Process was reassigned.
  • On Hold: You can check the box to place a Quality Process on hold. When a QP is placed on hold the assigned QP Rep receives an email notification.
  • Last Modified: Captures the Date and Full Name of the last employee that modified the record.

New FeatureNew Quality Process Browser:
Use the Quality Process filters to narrow down your search, with the following capabilities.

  • Sort/Filter on multiple columns
  • Lock vs Scroll columns
  • Sort Ascending/Descending
  • Map Me feature (Google API/Needs Licensing)
  • Reassign Primary QP Rep

Allows the user to customize the browser‘s search and filter criteria.   The actual column headers, the amount of columns displayed, and their order and grouping are selected and can be saved.  This feature saves time in locating Quality Processes.  The sort feature changes the order a list is displayed in.  The filter feature limits the data in the results.
My Quality Process is the same Quality Process browser with the user logged into PLM as the default QP Rep.  This page can be further filtered, sorted and saved.

New FeatureAdding/Removing QP Reps – Notification:
Adding/Removing QP Reps sends an email notification.
Note: changing primary removes secondary QP Rep.
Email notification example:








New FeatureMap Me:
A new mapping functionality has been added to the Quality Process Browser page (Jobs→ Quality Process Browser).  Highlight one or more than one Quality Processes then click the blue Map Me button to display the pins on the Map.  Colored pins will show the location of the Quality Process.  Hover over the pin to display QP ID number along with the Priority.  Single Click the pin to display the Quality Process details along with a quick link to the Quality Process.
Important: If you would like to turn on the Map Me feature there is a $25.00 monthly fee. Please contact your account manager/sales representative to activate and start using the Map Me functionality today!

New FeatureJob Documents:
When adding a new document(s) to a Job you can check the box Show In Intuitive Inspections.  When this box is checked it will send the document link to be displayed in Intuitive Inspections.


New FeatureVendor Type:
Now more than one type can be assigned to the Vendor record.
Note: The very first Vendor Type selected is the Primary Type of work for that Vendor


New FeatureEmail send from the product URL to prevent issues with spamming:
New process sending emails on behalf of our mail servers this fixes domains that prevent spoofing such as AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.
                                                                                                                           The first portion of this email example is your email address
Example of the email address that would be sent from the product:
Note: The initial setup must be completed by support to send the email from the site rather than your company/domain email.  

New FeatureTask Templates:
When creating Task Templates you can now select a Standard Task Type or Auto Email.  Auto Email is a new functionality which allows an email template and an attachment (if applicable) to be sent to the Primary Job Contact and Secondary based on a predefined schedule. Once the email is sent the information is stored in Correspondence and the Task will auto complete.
Note: The Auto Email feature can only be used for a Type: Job only



New FeatureEmail Button – Item (Work Order) Detail Page:
Within the Build Email page when emailing the Item (Work Order) you can now attach other documents that are stored anywhere and/or Job Documents.  Along with the ability to save a non-existent job document to the job at the same time by checking “Store As Job Document”.



New FeatureTQI Inspection & Report:
To generate a TQI Report a Quality Process (Inspection) will need to be completed on your mobile device.
Important: There is a onetime charge of $495  for the QP template to be added which generates the new TQI Report. Please contact your account manager/sales representative to activate this feature today!


New FeatureNew Report – Job Custom Export:
Reports→ Jobs→ Job Custom Export
This new report gives you the ability to select any job field to generate a custom data export.  It includes the standard report criteria filters along with the columns to select the fields you would like included in your export by highlighting the description(s) and moving them to the right.  Once you move the descriptions to the right you can reorder them to further format the export.  You also have the ability to memorize the criteria so you can quickly generate your export again.


  • All Dashboard panels now include the following icon i hover over the “i” to view an explanation regarding that specific panel.
    Single Click “i” View:

    Hover “i” View:


  • Quality Process Summary Panel now includes Priority (5 – Critical, 4 – High, 3 – Medium, 2 – Low & 1 – None) and Status (Pending, In Progress, Closed (30 Days), On Hold & Canceled).

EnhancementWarranty Dates:
Warranty expiration dates can now be set by months in addition to years.
Note: The administrator of the application can set the warranty date format up by going Tools Site Setup Settings


EnhancementJob Documents:

Selecting the folder arrow (expand tree) now populates preview window. Selecting the folder arrow again collapses and clears the preview window.
Expanded View

Collapsed View


  • Added the ability to drag and drop multiple pictures/documents with check boxes. Check the boxes, single click and then drag and drop.
  • Added ability to remove a document and/or picture from the upload queue by clicking the X to remove.
  • When selecting a document and/or picture to edit the Title, Description, etc. after clicking Save the page refreshes to the where you left off.

EnhancementView Schedule – Item (Work Order) Detail Page:
When clicking on the View Schedule button within the Item (Work Order) Detail page the schedule now opens in a new window.

EnhancementAbout Punchlist Manager.NET:
Help→ About Punchlist Manager.NET

  • Added Connect to a Tech link which downloads Team Viewer.
  • Updated the Contact Us information

EnhancementError Message:
Added Supports contact information along with an ‘Email Support’ option.
Note: The email populates related information to the error, database name, and employee.


EnhancementSearch Boxes:
Throughout the application we removed select by “all” on every search box.  The default for the search boxes are now a “Contains” search.

EnhancementSystem Setting Page:
The top of the System Setting Page was reformatted.  Tools→ System Setup→ Settings


ResolvedList Management Page:
Update All Tool – When adding an Action Taken Note it was only applying to the First (1st) Item in the List. This has been resolved.

ResolvedQuality Process Titles:
Long Quality Process Titles have been truncated when scheduled.

ResolvedQuality Process Enabled:
Dashboard and Quality Process browser for users – should only show your Quality Processes, this has been resolved.

ResolvedJob By Address –  Global Search:
When searching for a job using Job By Address filter additional numbers appear in the job page criteria resulting in additional (or less) than expected results.  This has been resolved.

ResolvedEmployee Setup Error:
When entering information on 3 tabs at once an error was being generated, this has been resolved.

ResolvedSite Selection Page:
Terminology changes were not being respected, this has been resolved.

Previous Version, terminology changes not respected.



Current Version, terminology changes respected.



Version 8.2 was released on October 15, 2016

These have been resolved.

ResolvedList Summary Report
Missing logo on List Summary Report.

ResolvedVendor Portal
When Searching for a WO Number some features are not available.

ResolvedOutstanding Warrant List report
Outstanding Warrant List report includes a lot of blank space.


Version 8.1 was released on September 30, 2016

These have been resolved.

ResolvedDocument Preview:
Documents were not previewing consistently, this issue has been resolved.

ResolvedJob Snapshot Dates:
Dates were erasing, this issue is resolved and the dates now save correctly.

ResolvedAdd New Inspection
The Re-Open button appears on the Add New Inspection page (and it should not)

ResolvedOutstanding Warranty Report
Outstanding Warranty Requests Report is not sorting correctly.

ResolvedInternational Date Format
International date format incorrect on certain Time Stamps.

ResolvedItem Detail
Item Detail – Job vendors not displaying correctly

ResolvedVendor Summary Report
Vendor Summary Report – was not showing Service Requested and Action Taken for all open Work Orders on a List.

ResolvedScheduled Item
When adding a large amount data to a Scheduled Item and error was produced.


Version 8.0 was released on September 09, 2016

New FeatureInternal Security Upgrade:
Substantial changes have been made to the security and strength of passwords used within the system.  The passwords have been encrypted and applies to all Logons; Employees, Job Portal, Company Portal and Sub/Tech Portal.
For more information please refer to the following reference documents on the University Page; Password Security and Forgot your password?

New FeatureDocument Improvements:
The documents section of the system on Jobs, Companies and/or Sub/Tech records has been improved to allow for faster document upload, to notify you if a document you are uploading exceeds the 10MB size constraint and also to parse out and manage larger group file uploads (100 + MB). The following message notifies the user of the file upload progress and status.


New FeatureAdd Job Picture to the Job Detail Page:

Users now have the ability to upload a picture of the structure to the Job Detail page in place of the Green Home Icon next to the customer detail. To add the picture, click the Image button underneath the Green house and then select the picture to upload.
To view the picture in full scale, click on the picture and it will open in a new window. The maximum file upload size is 10 MB in PNG, JPG or JPEG format.  Note: This picture will transfer to a new job when Save & Add Copy is used.



New FeatureAdd a button on a tools page that allows the user to add an inspection to all jobs for a company:
When using Inspections, the user now has the ability to assign one or multiple Inspections to all jobs for a particular company. They can also narrow down by address too. This can be found by going to Help/Tools > Tools > Assign Inspections to Companies/Jobs


New FeatureRequest for Bid added to Work Order Detail:
On the Work Order Detail Page, a new feature call Request for Bid was added. This feature allows the user to send a Request for Bid to One or Multiple vendors for a particular project. Once bids are received back from the Vendor, they can enter the bid amount to keep track of all bids. This feature has to be turned on from the System Settings page in order to work.


EnhancementHandle Inactivating Companies in a better way:
Prior to this feature, it was possible for a user to inactivate a company even if the company had Jobs Active within the system. When this occurred the Company was then removed from the job and would cause errors on the job.

With this feature, when in a Company with Active Jobs, it will give a summary of Jobs, Losses and Work Orders Active for the company. Users can now inactivate all of the jobs by clicking the Red Inactivate All button, then they can inactivate the company.

EnhancementRemove “Welcome” message on Home Page:
We have modified the Home Page to remove some verbiage about the New Home Page from underneath the Welcome Message.

EnhancementAdded to Inspection Exceptions detail report – Images and allow to print from Job:
This feature adds Line Item Images onto the Inspection Exceptions detail report. This also now allows the user to Print the Exceptions Detail report directly from the Inspections tab on the Job Detail page.

EnhancementChange all reporting search parameters for address to also contain Job Name:
With this modification, on any report where users have the ability to search for a job by address, they can now also search for the job based on the Job Name. The parameters are Job Name Begins With and Job Name Contains.

EnhancementDisable ‘Enter’ key input on Job Entry when Global Search is not selected:
Prior to this feature, if a user had a search term sitting in the global search and was performing another task, like Lead Entry, and they accidentally hit Enter, it would perform the search in Global Search. Now, the only time the Enter key works is if there is a Search Term in the Global Search and the input box is selected.

Resolved<> Merge Code does not work:
The <> Merge Code field for Merge Documents was not populating correctly when documents containing that field were merged on a job. This has been resolved and the field now works.

ResolvedCompany (Project) Contact Logon does not check for Duplicate Usernames:
When a user would give a Company Contact a login for the Company Portal, it would not verify against all other logins that the Username was unique. This has been resolved and if a username is duplicated, a pop up appears notifying the user that the username is not unique.

ResolvedTab order on the update all selected Work Orders does not follow properly the sequence of events:
On list management screen when you click on update all items, the tab order was not working properly. This has been resolved.

ResolvedSchedule – Print List pulls wrong dates when going by month view:
When printing the list from the schedule month view for an employee, and excluding repair WOs, (only showing supervisor schedules) it pulls a report of every schedule event from the past year, not including the month that is selected. This only happens in the month view, not the week or daily views. This has been resolved.

ResolvedSchedule – Large number of items impacts ability to view by month:
When over 100 items were scheduled in a particular month the view by month would overflow on the browser page. This was resolved.

ResolvedLinked job documents were duplicated:
Job documents were duplicated on linked jobs, this was resolved.


Punchlist Manager 7.6 Release Notes 6/22/2016


  • When accepting Vendor Changes and the Scheduled Time is left blank, an error was produced.  Fixed by making the time a required field when adding a new Time the Vendor Portal.
  • In the schedule, when you try to edit a user-created recurring schedule item, it won’t let you edit the parent.Now can edit the parent.
  • In the Job Snapshot when a List Closed Date was entered the List Status was not changing to Closed, now it does.
  • When entering a new Project, the Project name field was allowing more characters to be entered than the field maximum; added an error message to restrict the entry to 120 characters.
  • When entering date changes in the Vendor Portal in some instances Mountain Time was defaulting; user’s local time is now the default.
  • If a Job was deleted, the system was not noting in the database who deleted the Job and the date the Job was deleted. This has been resolved.
  • Contacts> Job Contacts> Search By Phone Number – The search field was using the (___) ___-____ format. This search filed has been changed to a free form entry.
  • If an apostrophe was used in an Employee Name field (think O’Brien or O’Malley) errors were produced with date-time functions.
  • In certain circumstances when printing work orders from various screens errors were produced. This has been resolved.

Punchlist Manager 7.5 Release Notes 5/2016


  • Job Portal Secondary Contact Info – Username and Password were not displaying correctly.

Punchlist Manager 7.4 Release Notes 5/2016


  • Job Warranty Date Expired not showing correct date on /Reports/Dispatch/CriteriaDispatchDaily
  • Budget costs rolling to the job are not removed when work order is deleted
  • Vendor Portal Reports not working correctly
  • Job end date on production schedule not displaying correctly
  • Item Budget disappears from item after rolled to job costs
  • Added old Multiple Photo Upload function back into Job Documents

Punchlist Manager 7.3 Release Notes 5/8/2016

Database optimizations

Error when very specific phone number characters were entered in phone # fields

Punchlist Manager 7.2 Release Notes 5/1/2016


Job Documents – When a document was in a folder it could not be deleted.

Moving a Job from one site to another created a false error message.  A new message appears noting the successful Job move.

Punchlist Manager 7.1 Release Notes 4/25/16

Problems printing within the Vendor Portal
Error Message: [System.ArgumentException] The relative virtual path ‘Project.Mobile.Master’ is not allowed here. – – Mobile Manager users could not access Projects.
Correspondence Zoom name/date/time stamp
Memorized Reports  Not functioning Correctly
Punchlist Manager 7.0 Release Notes 4/22/16

New Features

  • New User Interface, expanded displays; Job list is configurable with column editor and sorting.
  • Bread Crumb’s icon moved to upper right next to global search boxes.
  • New Documents and Pictures Functions; Default and Job folders, drag and drop, columns with sort and search functions, faster thumbnail display and review.
  • New Dashboard Panels: % Complete and Inspection Summary.
  • Primary Contact information has been added to the Task Quick Email option
  • The Vendor Item Summary can now be run even if the Vendor Rating is not enabled.
  • PLM – We added warranty Mechanical, it should auto calculate off of the sold date (Like expiration, and Structural)
  • Improve License Users Logged In Management System to work with Persistent Cookies (Remember Me)
  • Email on owner portal submission: change to add valuable content
  • Add Tax amount to work order Billing – See user story
  • Add to email and mail merge fields – Disp_EndTime
  • Added the ability for Vendors to capture signatures in the Vendor Portal.


  • Item summary Report – Now sub-totaling properly

Punchlist Manager 6.4.0 Release Notes 1/28/16

 New Features

Several changes were made to accommodate Internationalization as well as allowing more flexibility for various address and phone number requirements: that includes

  • Add country to merge fields
  • Changed state/province to allow for up to four characters.
  • Added county and country fields to every address.
  • Phone format: WYSIWYG! No formatting, free format, 40 characters

NOTE: Country code selection must be requested via an email to or phone call. They are only necessary if you’re doing business in multiple countries and need that ability.

Several performance enhancements have been made. Users should notice improvement in loading certain data and screens.



  • Quality Process Detail Report, formatting has changed: We removed the extra spacing that was showing with the printing of issues and pictures.
  • We eliminated duplicate email notifications on the job when the same employee has multiple roles, such as the estimator and the project manager.
  • Production Report was not respecting the Inspection Date selection. That has been corrected.
  • When an employee who is assigned to a list is made inactive in the system, the employee was being removed from the Super (or Manager) field on the List Detail Screen. The result made the items (work orders) inaccessible.  This has been resolved.
  • Outstanding Warranty List Report – The Employee Totals now reflect only the number of Lists the employee is on. The employee does not need to be on the Item (Work Order).
  • Outstanding Warranty List Report – Employee Totals are calculating when the employee is on the lists and the item. Should only calculate when the employee is on the list.
  • Supervisor and Staff fields are now required fields. Previously, the could be left blank and would cause errors when trying to create Items for the List.
  • The permissions setting allowing (or restricting) the ability to change employees on a job has been resolved. If a user cannot edit employees the employee fields will be greyed out and inaccessible. The Edit Employees permission setting is on System Settings > Employees > Permissions, under the Home check box.
  • Correspondence entries: double clicking on a correspondence entry creates a pop-up window showing the text detail of the correspondence.
  • The Project (Community) Status report will now run even if no date parameters are entered in the Report criteria. The report will be shown “as of” the current date.
  • .NET Correspondence – when you click on an existing email correspondence you are directed to the reading pane at the bottom of the list.  The text is in HTML format and unreadable.  A pop up reading pane now appears for easier readability.

Punchlist Manager Releases in 2015