System Setup Reference Documents

Add Employee Record [03-21] View PDF

Adjust Employee Records [rev 06-20] View PDF

Default Document Folders [rev 04-19] View PDF

Add List Types [rev 05-20] View PDF

Work Order Titles [rev 04-19] View PDF

Vendor & Primary Job Contact Item Acceptance Setup [rev 10-17] View PDF

System Notifications [rev 05-20] View PDF

Item Reminders [rev 05-20] View PDF

Item Completed Email Reminder [rev 03-19] View PDF

Creating Task Templates [rev 04-19] View PDF

Job Custom Fields [rev 05-20] View PDF

Site Setup Reference Documents

Site Notifications [rev 04-19] View PDF

Vendor Ratings Setup [rev 04-19] View PDF

Work Order Email Subject [rev 04-19] View PDF

Purchase Order Approval Setup [rev 05-20] View PDF

Purchase Order Approval Create-Upload Signatures [rev 04-19] View PDF

Document Merge Resources

Document Merge Instructions [rev 04-19] View PDF

Add Document Templates [rev 05-20] View PDF

PLM Merge Data Source [rev 02-18] View XLS

IMPORTANT: Remember the PLM Merge Data Source file must be downloaded to add the merge fields into your word documents.


Sample – Header, Middle, and Footer Messages [rev 03-19] View PDF

Sample – Item Areas [rev 03-19] View PDF

Sample – Item Determinations [rev 03-19] View PDF

Sample – Categories, Sub Categories and Services [rev 10-16] View PDF

Sample – Action Taken [rev 10-16] View PDF